Join us on Mondays when the weekend message is still fresh in your minds as we dissect, discuss, and digest the Word. Pick up tips for reading and studying scripture as we learn to personally apply the sermon to daily living. 


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ID Meeting #: 974-890-5272

This group will help you understand important practices to becoming a strong, healthy leader in whatever your position in life. We all lead ourselves, our homes, on our jobs, or in the church.  We will look at principles taken from Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast to launch our discussion each night!  Grow where you are planted!

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ID Meeting #: 616-585-4842 

Let us come TOGETHER for fellowship and growing in Christ through the book, “You and Me Forever: marriage in light of eternity“ by Frances & Lisa Chan. Discussing some of the basics of a healthy marriage, while also going deeper than we do on an everyday basis. This is a study different than you have ever done before. See you then!

God promises us that He will hear our prayers and answer them. We will explore what the Bible says about prayer, how to pray, when to pray and what to pray. Following God’s instruction concerning payer will get our prayers answered every time.

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ID Meeting #: 856-1630-9673

An eight week study based on Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. Learn how to be able to accomplish great things in God and move in the miraculous in all areas of your life.

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ID Meeting #: 974-890-5272

The Book of 1 Corinthians is an exciting, interesting and convicting book that looks into the life of the early church.  Lets explore this amazing book chapter by chapter.  Come enjoy midweek fellowship at VC on Thursdays! 

Where are all the young people at?! Starting September 23rd, from high school seniors to young professionals up to 30 years old, join us for a time of community, encouragement, and lots of fun at Victory Young Adults. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Daniel ( for more information.

WE ARE BACK! Starting on September 18th, all middle and high schoolers are welcome to join us on Friday nights at 7pm for Victory Youth services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Daniel ( for more information.

This group will be taking place Friday Nights!  Various times and locations. Register to be a part of our worship, prayer and fellowship nights! 

Jesus wrote letters to the 7 churches of the 1st century through the apostle John while he was on the island of Patmos.  In this DVD series we'll explore & discover the meaning of the letters in 3 different ways:  primary (historical), personal, & prophetic.  As we begin to understand what Jesus was saying to His churches then, it will help us be more faithful, as well as see that we're coming to the end of this age and Jesus' second coming.  Come explore with us!

Online Zoom Connect Group

 Do you have a crazy weekly schedule but still desire to connect with God and grow in your faith?  ZOOM GROUPS are for you!  This online platform allows you to stay at home and still be completely engaged in a bible study, prayer meeting, or fellowship group during the week.  There are different ZOOM groups offered each semester, but each one has a live host, theme for the group, and allows for participation of attendees.  The groups last one hour and are done through the simple, user friendly app called ZOOM.  



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