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Winter connections

 Jan 13th - MArch 13th 

in - person Connect Group

In Person Connect Groups are connections that happen throughout the week in various locations and at different times. Each semester offers a host of new opportunities to get together with people, study the bible, pray, and fellowship together. These groups generally last for one hour and a half. 

Online Zoom Connect Group

 Do you have a crazy weekly schedule but still desire to connect with God and grow in your faith?  ZOOM GROUPS are for you!  This online platform allows you to stay at home and still be completely engaged in a bible study, prayer meeting, or fellowship group during the week.  There are different ZOOM groups offered each semester, but each one has a live host, theme for the group, and allows for participation of attendees.  The groups last one hour and are done through the simple, user friendly app called ZOOM.  


These classes will help you grow in your English, make new friends, and help you be confident to do everything you desire to do with your life.


This Excel 2 Class will be taught in Portuguese. This class is designed to explain what it means to become a part of a local church.


Practical lessons on why and how to use scriptures to pray and intercede effectively. 


No matter where you are in your relationship now, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD we can begin the change in your relationships. Let’s come explore together five commitments in moving forward in a healthy way.”


Standing in the gap and praying God’s promises and will for our children and grandchildren. 


Hello Moms!  Are you in need of encouragement and some friendly conversation during the week? Bring you child and join the ladies at Victory for a great time!



This series will include women from the Bible and we will discuss how God shaped them and what He wants to do with you. 


Join us for one hour of prayer for our church, our families, and our nation.


Prayer changes things!

faith in action

James is a book about practical Christian living that reflects a genuine faith that transforms lives. This 1 hour zoom meeting will encourage you each week to live your faith out in your everyday life.   

Overview of the New testament

The goal of this class is threefold:


To gain an overview of the message and content of the New Testament and to understand the necesity of knowing the background of the New Testament in order to interpret its message.


FEAST is an opportunity to meet other men in a relaxed and informal setting . We will share a meal together over a short Bible study or thought  provoking talk and discussion time. It is an ideal occasion to bring friends  who are curious about the Christian faith. 

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