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Rev. Bettis is a former pastor, conference speaker and the executive director of The Apollos Project, a ministry dedicated to helping families pass the gospel to their children. His books include The Disciple-Making Parent and Parenting with Patience. For 25 years, he was lead pastor of a New England church plant. Along with his wife, Sharon, he and his four children live in Rhode Island.


Parenting is an incredibly important ministry. And God entrusts the primary stewardship of parenting to - yes, parents! Raising today’s children to follow Jesus is not an easy assignment, but God has given parents unique tools like parental authority based on biblical stewardship. Chap will show attendees that parents can do everything in their power (especially when children are young) to shape disciples for Christ. The teaching will include four hour-long sessions along with a valuable Q&A at the end geared specially for parents with teens.


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