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There are three Track 2 classes that will help you apply biblical principles from God's Word to your everyday lives.

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All of us have experienced the brokenness that comes from living in this world. When we become Christ-followers, the radical transformation of salvation begins. This is where believers start the important process of letting go of old relational behavior patterns, and reaching towards the intentional growth of new life. Some of the topics covered are: healing old wounds, forgiving others, repentance, recognizing family sin patterns, and overcoming fears. Grow in truth, and see your life and relationships transformed by the power of Jesus!


Many believers today respect the Bible but they have a hard time understanding its relevance for their daily interactions and decisions. Learn how Scripture reveals the Person of Jesus, explains the origins of evil, shows the reliability of biblical truth in confronting contemporary issues, contextualizes sexuality and intimate relationships, and gives hope for change. This course will present us with a clear lens through which we can develop a correct worldview, so our lives can conform authentically to Kingdom standards. 

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This is a revolutionary course that aims to dynamically change our often limited understanding of the Holy Spirit. While we know the Spirit is more than a one-time experience, we are often unclear on what role he plays in our daily walk of faith. This course will help us understand God the Holy Spirit not only in terms of his attributes but also his actions within each believer’s daily life. What does it mean to be led by and to live by the Spirit? In what ways does the Holy Spirit guide and direct us? How does he move in the global and the local church? How do the gifts of the Spirit operate in the context of the fruit of the Spirit? We’ll answer these and other questions with an added emphasis on practical Spirit living. Life in the Spirit is what every believer is called to.

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